Become a trusted and leading manufacturing company in ASIA


1. Building a system of integration by preparing competent human resources.

2. Increasing the use of appropriate technology.

3. Looking for material sources that are competitive and environmentally friendly.

4. Increase competitiveness.

5. Make continuous improvements and do PDCA.

6. Meet customer requirements and applicable legislation.


PT RACHMAT PERDANA ADHIMETAL established in 20 November 1997 in order to fulfill the automative parts demand (Two wheelers & Four wheelers). After the years, our products grow variously, especially on the metal-basis products.
By the metal-basis products demand trend, we always developing our products along the customers need. This development supported by our sustainable research and supported by several experts who are experienced in this field. Through our specific Lean production management, we always improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the production process.
In the long term, PT RACHMAT PERDANA ADHIMETAL targeted to be best supplier in the automative parts, manufacturing field. By that, all of the activities will be conducted in order to achieve the corporate vision clearly state that “Become a trusted and leading automotive component manufacturer company in ASEAN”.
Along with business development and customer demands, in addition to concentrating on product quality and timely delivery (Just In Time), we also give priority to the improvement of safety and health, environmental management, Hazardous materials management (Hazmat), including the policy not to use minerals from conflict areas. All that we do in order to improve our services to customers, which leads to business continuity, and supply chain risk management (SCRM).
Furthermore, to develop human resources we implement continuous improvement known as 5S, Suggestion System (SS), and Quality Control Cyrcle (QCC). This is all we intend to cultivate continuous improvement on all stakeholders of our company from the bottom level up to top management level.
May our competences be the solution for your business.





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PT Rachmat Perdana Adhimetal Plant 1 P.I.K Penggilingan
Plant 1 :
PIK Penggilingan Blok F No. 1 – 2, Cakung
Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
Telp. 021-4603441, 021-4602586
Fax. 021-4604161
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Plant 2 :
Kawasan Industri Delta Silicon 2
Jl. Pinang Blok F 17 No. 2, Cikarang
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Telp. 021-29577616